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When Is Easter 2017: – Hello Everyone, You might be here looking for the dates for Easter 2017 UK, well this year Easter appears to be falling in April 2017 which is around three weeks later than last year when the question related to When is Easter 2017 was solved by the date in the gloomy March. Easter 2017 in the UK this year is going to be celebrated with Good Friday on 14th of April, Easter Sunday on 16th of April and the replacement public holiday the following day…

Yup, you are right, all the maths done here means that the coming Easter Date 2017 will be giving you all a 4-day weekend everywhere except Scotland, which will have a 3-day long weekend.

There’s even more good news too. Everybody who seems to be looking for some time off work can begin their holiday on Good Friday and can enjoy their quality time until the first May bank holiday by taking just nine working days off.

When Is Easter 2017? Easter Dates UK Table

Year Date Day Holiday Countries
2017 14 Apr Fri Good Friday National
17 Apr Mon Easter Monday England, Wales &
Northern Ireland
2018 30 Mar Fri Good Friday National
2 Apr Mon Easter Monday England, Wales &
Northern Ireland

Meaning Of Easter/ Why Is Easter 2017 Being Celebrated Around The World?

 The festival of Easter is celebrated all over the world with ultimate joy and chivalry, but the real meaning behind this ultimate festival is different. Easter is one of the oldest Christian traditions, which is the celebration of the last week of Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection. For Christians, the festival of Easter symbolizes the dawn of a new life and the high point of the Christian calendar 2017.

Defined as a Christian holiday, Easter also has a history deep rooted in the traditions and rituals of the pagan people who inhabited the United Kingdom before its widespread conversion to the Christian society. The majority of the Scholars believe that Easter was named for “Eostre”, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring.

Reason Behind The Change In Date Every Year Related To Easter 2017 the UK

This might be the biggest posed question by everybody celebrating this amazing festival, as to why the dates of Easter change every year and unlike Christmas, why it isn’t the same?

Well, the main reason behind this “change” is the usage of different calendars, and it can also vary from country to country as per the time frame of every nation. As per the matter of calendars goes, the UK, following the Gregorian calendar, celebrates Easter on the Sunday following the first full moon that seems to occur after the first day of spring. Using this timeline, Easter can vary in date from as early as the 22nd of March to as far into spring as the 25th of April.

Interesting right?

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When Is Easter 2017

When Is Easter 2017


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When Is Easter 2017 | Easter Holidays 2017 | Easter 2017 | Happy Easter Images 2017